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Mar 12, 2011 7:00pm EST
growing concern about the bombing of rebel-held areas by gaddafi's forces, there are voices in the u.s. and europe calling for the rebels to be armed to directly. it sounds simple, but history offers plenty of cautionary tales. in a moment, we will hear whether senator john mccain thinks it is a good idea. >> what i am calling for is a greater access for the libyan opposition forces for weaponry. >> there is no guarantee that by helping these people, you necessarily bring about a more democratic outcome or more desirable outcome. >> the question is, what kind of arms with a supply? whom would supply them? britain session -- britain's special forces may have suffered a setback last week in libya. but the momentum is still building in the west for military intervention of some kind, including perhaps arm the rebels. in libya, repeated bombing by government warplanes around the rebel-held oil town of ras lanuf marks colonel gaddafi's drive in his country. opposition forces are determined, but still lack a clear organization or command structure. the worst violence was reported near tripol
FOX News
Mar 13, 2011 7:00am EDT
of course sending a massive amount of aid and the u.s. military. the u.s.s. ronald reagan, the carrier strike group has an aircraft carrier and a number of united states ships there assisting in the rescue efforts as well as using-- we saw this in hurricane katrina, of course, the military and coast card using the massive ships as basically floating hospitals where they have fresh water and dave you pointed out earlier, the des desalization process. >> and that's vital and 70 countries offered aid including china which is interesting because they've been very contentious for years and years, especially in the last couple, over an incident that international waters in japan, and we won't get into the particulars, however, china came to their aid and offered condolences, offered money and as we've pointed out, the united states appears to be leading the way and we're supposed to check in with the 7th fleet of the navy later on this morning what they're doing to help. >> alisyn: you can see already, food ap supplies are distributed by our military and meanwhile, satellite photos are just
Mar 13, 2011 8:00am EDT
, delivering aid. more u.s. ships are expected today or later this week. search and rescue teams from fairfax county, virginia, are there, others from los angeles are expected in japan soon. japan's prime minister went on tv again today to assure people that every effort is being made to get to victims of this massive disaster. >> translator: so with regard to the earthquake and tsunami, i am confident that the japanese people can be united to work together to weather this difficulty. >> japan's meteorological agency says the worst may actually not be over. there's a good chance of a magnitude 7.0 or larger quake in the next three days. >>> rescue and recovery, they are japan's top two priorities right now. let's go live to the search for survivors. any sign of life where are you? >> reporter: well, randi, i can tell you that just standing and looking out the immediate rescue immediate rescue has sloan down because night has fallen. we're not hearing that many choppers on the air. the rescue crews on the ground are starting to pull back. they have to wait until daylight for the bulk of the ne
Mar 13, 2011 6:00am EDT
by the earthquake in japan. the u.s. geological survey says japan's main island was moved by eight feet. a little more than two meters. an 8.9 magnitude quake. the national institute of geovicics and volcanology estimates it shifted the earth on its axis by four inches. mind boggling. >> it is. we have some of the worst hit areas before and after the quake. these pictures show us the scope of the devastation. josh levs has that for us. >> a lot of people have been waiting for pictures to start coming out. brand new ones for you all this morning. let's do this before the screen. i want to go to the video. a bird's eye view sort of thing. nhk. sendai before and after. we're seeing this video from above. very stark there. take a look here. about a dozen sites that were affected. zoom in on the screen here. this came to me from google this is a before image from one place inside sendai. i'll let it play. you will see town after town, villages after villages. from green to dark browne many where homes have been destroyed. large areas of grass are just gone. this is yuragi and nartori. dozens s pictur
Mar 13, 2011 12:00am PST
worked out was the u.s. and great britain -- you take our music, we'll take your music, we mix them all together. next act is a lot of great broadway music. abluly it bn huge influence on me musically, is the music of broadway, and singers like streisand, you know, have always been -- just something about the voice that really excites me, and i think in wales, we are very passionate directly about the voice itself, and if you go to a welsh wedding or a welsh funeral, you'll hear some fantastic singing. people rllar'tfrd jt t p, but what i love about the whole broadway tradition and the way choirs work over here, particularly as shown with sometngik"ge, is that it's conceived as a show, it's not just standing there, and we do a lot of that in our work. but to young generations, a loofhimuc n tthem -- "sit down, you're rockin' the boat, and you've got songs from "sweet charity," from "guys and dolls," and they may not know these great shows. d that's areat opportunity for us to be able to take this music to a new generation, but with shows like "glee" and the success of that in t u.k. as
Mar 12, 2011 10:00pm EST
of american women who were -- who were wives working in the u.s. embassy in nairobi at the time. and for all his faults obama, sr., was a very charming man and he could charm the ladies. he clearly impressed he's women not only with his ambition and his determination but intelligence. and so it's actually through private meetings he's actually able to secure a place in hawaii and he actually flew quite independently of oboya's airlift with american women from the american embassy who actually funded his place and his air fare. you talk about the selma speech and, you know, president obama is a consummate politician and he gave this great speech, rousing speech in selma in which he referred his father came over from this great airlift in which he used it to somehow claim part of the camelot connection. and kennedy wasn't elected until the following year. he made an error. and he acknowledged the error immediately. his campaign team actually made public just a few days after selma that actually that was an error and, in fact, it wasn't correct. so he did correct himself even though he was, i g
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)